A little help will go a long way

Dear Editor:

My name is Tucker Eason; I graduated Aspen High in 2008 and am currently studying abroad in Hyderabad, India. I have been overseas since July and have been enjoying a life-changing experience traveling and opening my eyes to a truly foreign culture. Since I have been here I have had the opportunity to visit a couple of student ashrams and orphanages, and have been noticing the indescribable need for toys at these places. Sometimes we will go as a group and bring a volleyball or Frisbee, and it’s essentially the only toy these kids have.

So my mom was putting together a box for me, and when she asked what to add I immediately replied, “Toys for the kids!” Which set us thinking … she is going be my stateside liaison for a small drive to send some toys and goodies for kids here. I’ll be going to poor students ashrams (that’s the actual name of an ashram) and various orphanages in the month I have to travel when my program is over and giving them toys. My family is getting some of our friends to contribute and getting together a small box of stuff for me to distribute, and I thought why not get Aspen involved?

So to really get to the point of my letter, there will be a collection box in the main lobby of Aspen High School for anyone that wishes to contribute. These kids seriously are so grateful for anything. Clean out your closet and get rid of an old baseball mitt or football. Art and office supplies (markers, pens, pads) are also awesome. Often kids will come up to me, tug on my shirt and say, “one pen,” and if I happen to have one they get so excited. It’s really the coolest thing to see how happy these kids get about being able to write and draw. Little sweets and candies are a good thing too.

Other ideas are toothbrushes and tooth paste. There is a type of stick people use to clean their teeth here called “Arak,” or the toothbrush tree, which, although helpful, can’t replace fluoride, and people living on the street really appreciate these things.

If you would prefer to contribute in helping to ship the package you can contact me via e-mail ( and I will tell you to whom to make out checks and give you contact info.

The package is going out in mid-November, so the last day to get things in is the 12th; my mom will pick up any items we collect that weekend and send it out the next Monday so it has plenty of time to make it here to me.

Thank you for your help and support. You have no idea the difference it makes.

Tucker Z Eason

Occidental College 12

AHS ’08


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