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A little help, maybe?

Dear Editor:

As a brown bear living in the forests in the Aspen/Snowmass area, I am truly appalled at the attitude of you humans in this area. You all know we are basically peaceful animals who struggle to survive in spite of the fact that you continue to develop the land in ways which are incompatible with our lifestyle.

This spring and early summer, there was too little rain to provide us with the berries and natural food we need to survive. You are well aware of this. Accordingly, we have been forced to seek food in your habitat.

Trust me, we would rather sit in a peaceful field far away from you and stuff ourselves with food aplenty, than break into your garbage bins and homes in order to find food. In light of the scarcity of our food, I would think you would be kind enough to help us with feeding stations far away from your homes, so we could survive without suffering the indignity of becoming scavengers where you live. Surely, those of you who live in homes and condominiums worth millions of dollars could give us a little help to permit us to survive with dignity and to coexist in harmony.

But as much as you supposedly love animals, all I see in your newspapers are articles describing how to keep us out of your garbage cans, and warning you not to feed us. The final indignation ” yesterday there was an article describing how Aspen plans to impose stiff fines and even jail time for those of you that feed us!

You have caused the climate changes that threaten our existence. You have created the development that takes away our feeding areas. You have been enriched in the process. The least you can do is help us eat and survive in peace when you know our food supply is inadequate.

Mr. Brown Bear

as told to Eric A. Simon

Boca Raton, Fla.