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A little extra horse power on Highway 82

Allyn Harvey
Aspen Times Staff Writer

Two horses busted out of a downvalley pasture and took off down Highway 82 toward Glenwood Springs on Friday morning.

The horses, Night Sky and Cabo, spent the next 40 minutes running around the area between Slim’s Taxidermy and the Thunder River Market in the south Glenwood area.

Three people, John Foley, owner of Anderson Pawn and a neighbor of Slim’s, his brother, Rick Foley, and Kristy Willison, who lives down the highway, mounted an operation to capture the horses and slow the traffic so they wouldn’t be hit.

The horses got about a half mile before getting off the road and onto the shoulder on the north side of the highway. But they turned and ran across the highway as soon as John Foley approached them.

At one point, Willison had the horses eating grass out of her hand, but as soon as John Foley approached with a halter, Night Sky, a jet-black horse, bolted. By that time six to eight people were coordinating to keep the horses from coming back onto the highway.

Shortly before the horses moved to safety, an impatient dump truck driver told Rick Foley that he should be wearing an orange vest. “I just didn’t have an extra one with me,” Foley said.

At about 10:15 a.m., the horses took off toward the Roaring Fork River across the fields that run parallel to the highway. They quickly ran out of sight.

Slim Waechtler, meanwhile, was out of town. He arrived home Saturday night to find both horses were in the meadow behind his house. “So somebody had caught them and brought them back,” he said.

Slim’s not sure who did that favor for him.

Also missing from the scene were the police. John Foley called 911 as soon as the horses bolted at about 9:35 a.m. But by the time the horses were out of danger, no one from any of the three agencies that could have responded – Glenwood Springs police, Garfield County Sheriff’s Office or Colorado State Patrol – had shown up.

Slim thinks that might be for the best.

“It seems like flashing lights wouldn’t help. It might slow traffic but it wouldn’t calm the horses down at all,” he said.

“I just want thank everyone who helped keep them safe,” he added.


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