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A little clarification

Dear Editor:

I am just writing this letter to clarify the incident with your friend on the bus and the person that maybe you should write a letter to the editor to, apologizing for what you said with your letter about him a couple weeks back.

Well to begin with, Bruno, I was on that bus, too, and guess what? There was more Anglos on that bus than you say, and, well, you say that you were friends with that guy. Well, wouldn’t you have found out way before two months from the incident? I mean, if he truly was your friend and not just another way to speak badly about Latinos in the valley. What do you have to say to that?

Another thing: Did he tell you that he was drunk on the bus? The reason I know this is because I was sitting on the seat behind your so-called friend. He did ask the guy if he was legal, and the Latino replied if that was any of his concern. Then your “buddy” tried punching him first, and the Latino did retaliate and did hit your friend, but not in a malicious way. It was just self-defense. Then your coward-filled friend started running up the aisle, crying to the driver to call 911. At the same time, the bus was having engine problems, overheating or something.

Another thing: You say that there was nobody that said or saw anything. Well, you are very wrong, sir. There were two people that filled out police reports. One was a Latino, and the other an Anglo. I didn’t stay, because, Bruno, unlike you, I stick to my problems, and I am not nosy, so I transferred to the other bus that came to aid us when these people filled out the reports.

Well, with this, Mr. Kirchenwitz, I say to you, you did have your 15 minutes of fame, but that time is up. Move on with your life, and if you are attention hungry, why don’t you try out for “American Idol” and stop putting more tension on something that is affecting the valley deeply?

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Gregorio Ayon