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A lighter load

Dear Editor:While the developers of Lodge at Aspen Mountain have gone to great lengths to improve their design, still the item that bothers me is the reported 7,000 to 10,000 dump loads projected. This, as I recall, was only the outbound loads and not including a similar number of inbound loads. This volume should give economic incentive to Centurion Partners, LLC, to find some better methods of transport such as electric trucks. By employing these, they would be answering community concerns (noise and odor) and pioneering a new, cleaner alternative.The U.S. Department of Energy sponsors a program called “More Electric Trucks” which provides various incentives and is now testing a Caterpillar/Kenworth prototype. Such trucks are also available in smaller sizes. These are hybrids which can run on batteries in town. This concept would pay back by exemption from diesel mitigation fees and may also be applicable to their on-site noise mitigation program. This could also serve as a model for other construction and diesel truck activities in Aspen. The website for the DOE “More Electric Trucks” is: www1.eere.energy.gov/vehiclesandfuels/pdfs/success/more_electric_truck.pdf.Michael FlanaginAspen