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A life-saving experience

Aspen Times writer

Dear Editor:While on vacation with my parents earlier this month, my father suffered a heart attack just before dining at the Crystal Palace. The quick response of the individuals present and the staff of the Crystal Palace helped save his life. Once the paramedics and police arrived, the subsequent care provided helped in my father’s timely transportation to Aspen Valley Hospital. The hospital staff further administered wonderful care in the continuing effort to save his life.I wish to thank each and everyone involved. A special thanks to Dr. George for his competent and compassionate care of my father and the family members present throughout the night.My family and I have been visiting Aspen since the 1960s. Aspen has long ago become my favorite ski area worldwide. I’ve now come to realize that Aspen is not only a playground for skiers, but also a fine town composed of many professionals who not only maintain the safety of the townspeople but also its visitors. The citizens of Aspen should be proud of their dedicated volunteers and especially their hospital and police force.Kathy KlageSaugatuck, Mich.