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A letter from the publisher

Aspen, CO Colorado

Dear readers:

It’s no secret that the media is in flux, and so are we at The Aspen Times. Rumors have been flying around the valley for weeks about what’s happening at the paper, how we’ve struggled during this recession and what we plan to do about it.

So, now that we’ve made a few internal decisions, we’re going to let everyone know what’s happening at the Times and our sister paper, the Glenwood Springs Post Independent.

It is true that both papers have had to reduce staff ” just like local restaurants and real estate companies. A newspaper is a business and we cannot spend more than we take in. We’ve adjusted our expenses as the economy has contracted. And when things get better, we’ll go back into expansion mode.

The two papers will remain independent, with two different newsrooms and their own approaches to the news.

The two newspapers have, however, devised a way to offer more to advertisers while reducing their printing and distribution costs. Beginning in early June, we plan to publish the ads sold by both our Glenwood and Aspen sales staffs in both newspapers, for the same price the advertisers are paying now. This is a terrific deal to advertisers ” lower cost and greater reach ” and it goes for both display advertisers and those who use the classified pages.

Publishing Glenwood and Aspen ads in both papers will enlarge both papers, so there will be more space in both publications for the news. While independent of each other, Glenwood Springs and Aspen are nonetheless connected as it relates to many news stories, and the papers will continue to publish one another’s stories, when the stories are of regional interest.

The papers will share a common World and Nation section, with news from around the country and the globe, and a common, locally focused sports section. These pages and a few others will be identical in the Post Independent and the Times. Local news, commentary and opinion, however, will remain separate and distinct. That will not change.

Certain content, most notably our opinion and letters pages, will move from their current location in the paper to the back. But the overall impact to readers will be minimal.

The Post Independent and The Aspen Times will continue to serve their respective communities with the same local columnists and news writers. And, by running advertisements from both markets in both papers, we will make both papers bigger and better than ever before.

Jenna Weatherred

Publisher, The Aspen Times