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A lesson on the river

Dear Editor:Here I was, rafting from Grand Junction to Utah. My family was going to land for lunch. I was in a kayak attached to the raft. I was helping, but I flipped over! My dad was pulling the rope that was attached to the raft because there was a current. A very fast current. I was under the kayak. I couldn’t breathe for 30 seconds!I did have a life jacket on which was good ’cause if I didn’t have a life jacket, I would have drowned. My dad saw my hat under the water and he pulled my hair, but I was getting pulled in the current so he pushed me as hard as he could and I soon came out from under the boat! I was OK. I was crying but you know I’m OK. I did drop the paddle. Matthew, my brother, ran and jumped in the river and got it. So remember to wear a life jacket and don’t swim under the boat.Grace Ferguson, 7Snowmass Village

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