A lazy column

A lazy columnDear Editor:Personally, I like Sheldon Fingerman. But, after reading his column last Monday about the Aspen Saturday Market, the word “boob” jumped out – and not the good “boob.”I was reminded you don’t have to know the facts to opine. Sheldon lead off with this, “String beans, donuts and condos? That’s what’s available at the farmers’ market in Aspen, and I think it’s getting a little out of hand.” When I read this title to my girlfriend she thought I said “condoms,” which would actually do more good than a booth selling condos. I can understand why his girlfriend is fan of condoms – do we want little “Fingermans” running amuck?In respect to Mason & Morse selling “condos,” it is a shame Sheldon did not actually visit the booth. He would have found out that Mason and Morse are not selling anything. Instead, they are providing space for local nonprofits to promote their cause.Sheldon went on, “There was even a booth from the Animal Shelter, so after getting that new condo, you can even pick up a new best friend.” The fact is, the Animal Shelter has been part of the Market for over 10 years. I’m sure Sheldon was “trying” to be funny. But, insulting the vendors is rude, and not acceptable. When I first got involved, we had 14 vendors, and it took up a little over half a block. We now have over 90 vendors, over three blocks, reaching between 35,000 to 50,000 locals and visitors over 18 weeks.Sheldon continued, “Now here’s the big question: I’m sure it costs something to have a booth at the farmers’ market, but where does that money go? Curious minds want to know.”It is nice to know Sheldon has a curious mind. The answer: The money goes to support the freedom we all love … No, it doesn’t. I’m just kidding. The money goes to pay for the market. The sales tax goes to the city. If only Sheldon had a curious phone, he could have called, and asked.Finally this gem, “And since there doesn’t seem to be any control over what winds up at the farmers’ market, who knows what we will see next?” The application process to get a booth is based on a number of factors, and contains specific requirements. Obviously the process to get a column is not quite as stringent.Andrew KoleAspen