A lasting legacy

Dear Editor:

I just wanted to express my gratitude to all of you for your support of our first benefit for this new Hope Center. It is because of all of you who attended, or sent contributions on behalf of the event, that resulted in the huge turnout at the Wheeler. We were sold out, we made $20,000, and more donations are arriving this week!

I know this performance was difficult to watch. I know it was for me and my family. I was shocked by much of its content and more than a little uncomfortable at many of the “Secrets” revealed. It will be talked about for the controversial dialogue and harsh reality. But what I think we need to take away from it is that the Hope Center is dealing with many of these people who are holding these secrets, and now will hopefully turn to us or other agencies to seek help for their pain.

It is a sad reality that we live in this beautiful place, but, as many others here and all around the state and country do, they struggle with many mental health issues. So, I will continue to be involved in helping others by supporting this wonderful new addition in our community to assist others … and I hope you do too, in some way. If you should need help in any way, please contact the Aspen Hope Center at 925-5858

Thank you yet again for being here for me and our family throughout these past 16 months. We still can’t believe our Courtenay is gone, but she does live on through the work of all of us to make a difference in this community.

Sandy Iglehart



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The former girlfriend of Jean-Pierre Conte, the chairman and managing director of the private equity firm Genstar Capital, filed suit Thursday in Aspen claiming that Conte committed assault, battery, and violated the terms of a 2021 separation agreement. Hillary Thomas claims in her lawsuit that during her more than nine years with Conte, she helped parent his four children and her two children “whom they raised in a blended family.”

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