A landmark endorsement

Dear Editor:

As one who has been very active in politics in Colorado – whether in Aspen, Basalt, Snowmass Village, Glenwood Springs, Grand Junction or the Denver metro area or at the Colorado state Capitol building -and has met and talked with tens of thousands of registered Colorado voters from many parts of the state, I have a sounder political evaluation than most.

In addition, I have been in Colorado politics from 1976 through 1979 and 2002 to the present as a Fordham University graduate with a double concentration in political science and sociology with three or four minors.

I would like to see L.J. Erspamer become the next mayor of Aspen because he does have the mental faculties to be far less biased and more understanding than those arrayed against him.

I am sure under Aspen Mayor L.J. Erspamer leading the City Council and city employees, many more Aspenites and others will improve their personal, business and governmental performances plus their public speaking, thinking and conduct by boning up on “Robert’s Rule of Order,” professionalism and rules of etiquette and protocol. They even may look more presentable at meetings by improving their personal appearances, too.

The erudite and those with sound minds should appreciate Aspen Planning and Zoning Commission Chairman L.J. Erspamer holding the gavel for Aspen City Council sessions.

Enough said!

Emzy Veazy III

Burbank, Calif., and Aspen


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