A king without a throne

Dear Editor:May the Saints preserve us … Mick Ireland now wants to be His Lordship the Mayor of Aspen.Now Mick is man of old Ireland. His speech a kiss from the Blarney Stone and his temperament a gift of the Banshees. His tempers and attacks on the mortals quaking before him when he sat as a county commissioner were stuff of legend. Oh, he did the old Banshees proud.Now, poor ole Aspen is looking for a new “council” and the king (whoops, I mean ex-commissioner) needs a new throne. But he has been ‘out of real life’ for so long … he doesn’t even realize the “old ways” aren’t working anymore.Fortunately, there are other candidates with fresh ideas and new approaches stepping forward to serve. We don’t need recycled ideas and platitudes. We need out-of-the-box thinking and the courage to question.Sheila O’RoyAspen


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