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A jones for Whole Foods

Dear Editor:

Since leaving Boulder, Whole Foods is the merchant and the experience I most miss. I travel to Boulder just to shop there.

It is difficult to get the quality and scope of organic food products in the valley that Whole Foods offers. In Boulder, a wide cross section of the population, not just the well-heeled, shopped at WF ” including a huge number of cash-strapped students. The store was a magnet for people throughout Boulder County and a social experience. As a corporation, Whole Foods espouses and delivers on the values that fit well with the Roaring Fork Valley.

I don’t agree with the negatives voiced by Nancy Broussard and Maralyn Bloomer. They are sour-tongued spoilers. Another mediocre grocer like, God forbid, Albertsons, is not an enhancement to the mix of experiences and shopping opportunities the valley needs. I want my Whole Foods now!

Christine Kosmicki


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