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A job well done in Snowmass

Dear Editor:

It is important for all of us to express our gratitude to the decision makers in Snowmass Village for making the right choice regarding the care and disposition of their mammoth bones.

You are all heroes. Beginning with the original discovery and progressing through to current negotiations with the Denver museum, you have shown remarkable respect for the immense responsibility of the relic conservation and a refreshing humility in your willingness to resist the urge to be possessive with your find. The enormity of this discovery is yet to be defined, and the sanitation district’s wisdom to put that process in the hands of specialized experts is to be commended.

We will all benefit from the generosity demonstrated by your actions. You have greatly increased the odds that the cache will become a treasure chest of new information never before known. Thank you.

Georgia Hanson

president and CEO, Aspen Historical Society

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