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A job well done

Dear Editor:Having lived in Aspen for 35 years, Ive never felt the need to express opinions with a letter to the editor of The Aspen Times. Its easier to chuckle, or grumble under my breath, as the case may be, at what others write. However, an experience with a city of Aspen staffer so impressed me recently, that it would be nice if you could share it with your readers.The folks in our neighborhood are fortunate to be able to water our lawns and flowers with ditch water coming from Castle Creek through the Holden-Marolt ditch system. However, for years (at least 10) weve been pleading with various city employees to try to flush out the culvert that runs under Highway 82 into Bugsy Barnard Park and from there into our neighborhood. This culvert was more than half full of sand, gravel, plastic bags, bottles, cans, tennis balls and other treasures that the flow was hampered to the point of overflowing at times. After talking, apparently to the wrong city department heads and their staff and not talking to others because of unreturned phone calls, we finally found one city employee who understood our plight.Charlie Bailey (not even working in his normal capacity as water treatment supervisor) took on the responsibility of solving the problem by ram-rodding the project and making things happen. Charlie and his crew with the help of B&R Septic, cleared the culvert of at least two large front-end loader bucket -loads of what had been building up in the culvert for years.Charlie also took the time to keep us informed of the progress of the project and made follow-up calls to ask how things had improved. On behalf of the Cerise and Barabe families, who live in the last house on our spur of the ditch, and others in the neighborhood, we want to say thank you immensely, Charlie, for a job well done! P.S. The sweet peas and peonies, the daisies and daffodils, and, alas, the dandelions and clover thank you too.Leo BarabeAspen