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A job opportunity

(Editor’s note: This letter was originally addressed to frequent letter writer Sue Gray.)Dear Editor:I hear the skiing in Iran is great this year and your good friend and fellow “peace lover” Armajinedude is looking for a personal assistant and ski partner. All that’s required is: 1. Lookin’ good on the slopes in your very own ‘Burka.” (I understand they’re now available in Gortex – the “latest” in Iran. Just think of how “IN” you’ll be!)2. Good typing skills. 3. A consistent, persistent, unending need for attention at any cost, and4. A strong propensity for fantasy.No research skills, interest in historical facts, the truth nor any basis in reality required.By the way, if your husband has engineering skills or a background in energy, I understand they’re also looking for help with conversion to nuclear-powered ski lifts. Wouldn’t you know it, all the fuss those “Zionists,” “Neocons” and other war-mongering types have been making and all this time your gentle, warm and fuzzy Armajinedude’s only concern has been clean energy on the slopes. Who woulda thunk?I saw this opportunity and immediately thought of you, Ms. Gray. What could be more perfect? We’ll miss your constant “words of wisdom” in the Aspen papers, but just think, you could come back to visit and teach us “Aspen chicks” the “ins and outs” of skiing in a Gortex Burka. It could be our first step in learning to live life under the Sharia Islamic law that you’re already being so instrumental in bringing our way. (Have we remembered to thank you?)I understand that the “dude” in Iran has heard of you, and believe me, he’s waiting with non-nuclear for now, but baited, nonetheless, breath. Word has it you’re his virtual “Let’s-take-on-the-world-dream-come-true.”You go girl!Judy S. KavaSnowmass Village

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