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A Jew with a view

I just saw “The Passion of the Christ,” at the Stage 3. I was not affected by the two primary points expressed by so many TV commentators. The first that the movie is anti-Semitic, the second that Jesus died for our sins.

To me, Gibson’s “Passion” was about two things: first, Jesus’ unwavering dedication to the truth, peace, and love even while his physical body was being tortured; second, human nature – those in power want to stay in power and will do whatever it takes to stay in power. Be it the Jews squelching the growing popularity of Jesus or Christians burning 5 million midwives, herbalists and psychics at the stake and calling them witches (yes this did happen).

Some of the TV commentators also shared that there was not enough of Christ’s teachings in the movie. I felt this at first, but upon deeper reflection I found that his most powerful message was ever present throughout the entire movie: To be the truth, peace and love that you want to see in the world, regardless of the circumstances.

While I deeply respect and connect to the original core teachings of most religions, I am often repulsed by the present-day practices of them. Religion can get pretty twisted over hundreds and thousands of years when the human ego is involved in process.

The human ego’s primary responsibility is to protect and defend the mind/body and to keep us separate. This is one of the main challenges we face as humans – to transcend the ego’s illusion of separateness, which is rooted in fear, and become one with all that is: the Great Spirit, Christ consciousness, Buddha nature, God, love …

As many wise teachers have shared, if you are not in a place of peace/love, then you are operating from fear. Every feeling other than peace/love can be reduced to fear. The fear that led the rabbis to persecute Jesus, is the same fear that led the Christians to burn the witches, is the same fear that leads to the mindless killing of innocent people every day on this planet.

The only way to create meaningful change is within our own hearts and our own minds. All other efforts made without this primary inner work only perpetuate darkness, or evil, as some religions like to call it.

Gibson’s latest creation is a great piece of art. I just can’t believe he’s going to make a half-billion dollars on it. That’s amazing.


Branden Cohen/Lenado