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A huge boost from Skico

Dear Editor:Keeping things out of the landfill is far more difficult and labor intensive than first meets the eye! And, recycling contents from 85 rooms of a luxury hotel is a daunting task. But, with 22 men working three days and having five large moving vans at their disposal, it can all be moved in three days. Thanks to Jay Abrahamovich and Eric Hunter and their resilient crew at Olde Towne Moving & Storage, Habitat for Humanity of the Roaring Fork Valley was able to salvage more than 3,500 items. And, an extra special “you-guys-are-amazing” thank you for doing it all for free! Habitat is deeply indebted to Olde Towne for their continued incredible support here in the valley.Of course, this was only possible due to the wonderful generosity of Skico, with the full support of the Crown family, who donated the furniture and furnishings of The Little Nell Hotel rooms being remodeled to Habitat for Humanity. Additional thanks go to people who led the planning on this gargantuan task: the hotel management team (John Spears and Paul Cherrett) and Skico’s planning and development department (with four months of help from Donna Davis and enlightened leadership from Don Schuster.) When we first met this spring to discuss this possibility, it was truly intimidating. But, thanks to the commitment of both Skico and The Little Nell to do the right thing … the dream of emptying the rooms in three days was realized.An extra special thank-you goes out to our godfather, Matt Hamilton of Skico, who is always helping us keep things out of the landfill and getting them repurposed. He also encourages his team to come help build homes for our needy partner families. Skico is clearly walking the walk when it comes to helping make the Roaring Fork Valley a greener valley and serving the community.I would also like to thank Habitat’s cadre of staff and volunteers who organized our warehouse and helped shoppers, so that we were able to sell 90 percent of the big items in just two long days, when the place was “going bananas.”It is not often that a project can end in a win-win-win-win scenario. But, this was a grand slam in terms of keeping things out of the landfill, enabling people to reuse the items, generating funds for Habitat’s building fund and exposing more than 100 new shoppers to Habitat’s ReStore Warehouse & Boutique (which are still brimming with great salvaged items.) Since we opened the warehouse in February 2008 we have kept 54 tons of items out of the landfill and have had 10,532 different sales transactions.Thank you, thank you, thank you to … Skico, The Little Nell, and Olde Towne teams!!Scott Gilbertpresident, Habitat for Humanity Roaring Fork Valley

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