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A hoot she was

Dear Editor:

I want to thank you for your tribute to my mother, May Rose Salkin, last week (“Poetry-letter writer dies at 93,” Jan. 11, The Aspen Times).

I wanted to add some Aspen remembrances, if I may, because she loved this city so much! She looked forward to her summers all year, even after my father was gone, and most of her friendships here endured to the end.

And there was so much more to her summers here than simply her cute, but controversial (although still no one knows why), poems. Her shenanigans got everyone involved, and hopefully some of your residents will remember these highlights fondly.

The quick versions are these:

• She called 911 because I found a mouse in our cabin at Christiana! It was nutty, but it’s the reason we became friends with the wonderful (and handsome, a fact that was not lost on either of us) Aspen police force!

• One day, a bear ran towards me at L’Auberge and, by some miracle, stopped, looked at me and ran away. My adorable little mother exclaimed, “Did you see that big dog?”

• She was upset when some “tipsters” called the tip line and declared my mother was Elvis, offering as proof that “when you play her poems backward, you can hear her say, ‘I am Elvis!'” The rest of us were hysterical over it, but she thought it was just “crazy.” (I’m laughing over this one even as I write.)

• One afternoon, she ran in to our cabin and told me we had to hurry to the hospital. I thought something was wrong with my father, but no – the lady from the gift shop had called and said new Beanie Babies had just come in!

• When she penned a ditty about the cracked sidewalk in front of a sportswear store, they immediately redid the offending panel, with this message “engraved” in the wet cement: “Dear May Rose, does this ease your woes?”

I can’t thank you enough for letting me share these fun memories. If anyone’s interested, they can read more about them in my own tribute to May Rose at http://www.itsnotaboutme.tv.

Karen Salkin

Sherman Oaks, Calif.

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