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A Hidden agenda

Dear Editor:

Wilderness Workshop and the Hidden Hems proposal is full of lies, cheats and misconceptions. Two days after the Carbondale parks and rec meeting in August where Sloan Shoemaker stated to the board that he had been working on this proposal for over seven years and has been fully transparent with the public, an e-mail was sent out to Hidden Gems supporters saying “now that this proposal is in full public view we’re getting some opposition.”

A couple months later The Aspen Times did an online poll: “Do you want more wilderness.” With opposition numbers climbing, the Wilderness Workshop sent out another e-mail telling their supporters to stuff the ballot box “vote often vote twice you can vote every three hours. Wilderness Workshop is running around saying 70 percent of Coloradans want more Wilderness based on a 617 phone call survey. Three local newspaper online polls have yielded the complete opposite result. On average, 80 percent against this proposal.

The four-hiker-to-one motorized numbers are a complete joke! At the meeting in August there were over 200 opposition. When asked if they had ever been surveyed by the Forest service, BLM, etc., two people raised their hand.

This proposal is too much at one time. All user groups said they support the Forest Service recommended 82,000 acres. This is where WW should had started, then other areas could be fully vetted by all user groups we can all agree in some areas that “qualify” as wilderness by the people we have entrusted our forests to all these years.

The motorized community just wants access to the trails and areas they have now. Wilderness Workshop’s all or nothing, my way or the highway, Wilderness designation only, will hopefully be the death of their own proposal.

Joseph Hultquist


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