A helpless world

Dear Editor:

The real world is here (maybe La La Land wasn’t so bad after all). I had an eye-opening experience (my doctor would say the opposite) on my way to lunch the other day.

I tripped on an obstruction that shouldn’t have been there and, like a lightning-struck tree, fell flat on my face. Talk about a face plant.

After a quick inventory to see if anything was broken, I started to get up. My face was covered with blood. Two people walked past and didn’t even inquire if I was OK, let alone offer to lend a hand.

One was a bushy-haired, baggy-assed mope declaring his uselessness to the universe. Well, what do you expect? The other was a woman who looked like an office worker, not really young, who should have known better.

It brought to mind the incident a few years ago when a flock of underweight cyclists forced an elderly man off the bike path and rode away laughing, leaving the man, who had multiple sclerosis, I believe, on the ground. What is the matter with you people?

Pat Milligan



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