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A helluva town

Dear Editor:It’s Saturday now, and 10 years ago today we lost Shea, and Tanner and Kathy in the canyon. The boulder rested high up on the canyon walls for a thousand years or more, and it chose that moment to descend onto the highway. A profound silence settled upon the car, and I was so utterly alone, so without hope. But I know now that it was not my loss alone. This town grieved deeply with me, and cradled me in its arms, and it has continued to do so down through the years. Close friends and acquaintances, and people I don’t even know, still remember, still care, still keep an eye on me to see that I’m all right. I learned from this that a community can keep a man afloat when his spirit is fragile and things hang in the balance. I don’t really know how to describe what the love of this town has meant to me, except to say that it meant that I still mattered, that I was not alone, that I would not have to do this by myself, that you would stay the course with me. It has made all the difference, and I love all of you very much. This town, it’s a helluva town. Art DailyAspen

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