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A heartening election

Dear Editor:It has been heartening to see the huge extent, nationally, that citizens turned out for the election. The most unexpected change is the three longtime Republican states of Colorado, Montana and North Carolina that have shifted to Democratic state legislatures.Even in San Diego, a liberal woman who was a write-in candidate vies for the mayor’s seat. A groundswell of new independents and Democrats registered and voted across the country and only 11 states chose to take away a freedom of choice in marriage, two of which elected openly homosexual legislators. Progressive measures across the union turned costs of education and transportation over to the public on the county level. The first priority in these newly Democratic legislatures could be to protect elections from fraud. Fair elections cannot be taken for granted.Please encourage new legislators and old to produce vote-counting reform bills. Pre-verifying and cross-checking each voting machine’s tabulations can be easy and fast. Every election should be verified by recounting. Open code, secured electronic architecture is no big deal and a must. Please encourage the investigation into vote tabulation accuracy, contact your senators and representatives through the main switchboard of the federal House and Senate at (202) 224-3121.Ask to investigate vote counting fraud from voter intimidation, vote dropping, paper ballot scanner fraud and Diebold electronic voting machine fraud. Follow the brave example of the young Ukrainians who are holding fast for an honest election.Ask for compound-validation for a trustworthy vote.John HoffmannCarbondale