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A healthy program

Dear Editor:Regarding the relative level of contentment in the Aspen Skiing Co. Ambassador Program (“Up in arms,” Jan. 2), I do not believe this article accurately reflects the opinion of the majority of ambassadors in the program. The job requirements are fully disclosed to all ambassadors, regardless of tenure, at the beginning of each year, and the ambassadors I know all understand and are on board with the current goals and mechanics of the operation. The program has certainly evolved over the years, and there are apparently some in the program who think the customer service focus has unfairly cut into the more enjoyable, unstructured ski time on the mountain. But realistically, guests need the most help the moment they arrive at the mountain in the morning or leave at the end of the day. This is usually at a bus stop, a parking lot, in the pavilion or slopeside. Snowmass guests, in particular, require additional assistance this year as many are not familiar with the new lifts and changes at the base area.Being an ambassador remains one of the more enjoyable volunteer positions in the Skico and the program is neither broken nor poorly managed. There is no ambiguity in the goals, communications are fine, and Chris Kelly continually solicits input on how to improve the operation. I have personally found her and all the Snowmass guest services managers to be effective and very open to constructive feedback and new ideas. All programs of this nature evolve, and over time they may not meet the needs of some participants. That’s to be expected year-to-year and not a negative indication of the general health of the program.Valerie BorthwickSnowmass ambassadorSnowmass Village


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