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A harrowing experience, an amazing response

Dear Editor:

I just read my unfortunate story in the paper (“Driver escapes serious injury in Snowmass Canyon,” Sept. 30, The Aspen Times). I didn’t think it would make the paper but I thought wrong. I am so thankful that it wasn’t more serious, and watching them pull my car out late that night made me even more grateful it was not as serious as it should have been. I am still not sure how the heck I made it so “soundly” to my poor Jetta’s last stop, but I did and it was traumatic enough.

I have only suffered minor whiplash, bruised foot and a good conk on the head. Thank you to the fire department and the EMTs from both the Pitkin and Basalt area. Once they were able to find me they did an amazing job at keeping me calm, safe and getting me “out of the woods” as quickly as possible. I absolutely hate wasps, and yes, that was my reason for losing sight of the road … they scare the crap out of me. Anyone who knows me will tell you the same. This was a very eye-opening experience for me; I’ve never been in an accident before and a lot goes through your head when you lose control of something that you do as a simple task everyday.

Anna M. Brevetti


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