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A hard-fought battle

Dear Editor:

Congratulations to the Aspen property owners who fought hard to educate and advocate for a revisit of Ordinance 30, and the subsequent passage of Ordinance 48.

Property owners immediately understood the consequences of the so-called “emergency” ordinance. Their voice in opposition was loud and strong, and rallied other community members to help lead their cause. Thanks to the extraordinary leadership of the Aspen Citizens Group, in particular Marilyn Marks and Mike Maple, the staff and City Council of Aspen became more fully informed about historical designations of 30-year-old properties, voluntary versus involuntary designations, the logical and proper locations of such properties, as well as the importance of single-family versus multi-family structures.

The next step includes creation of a task force to study what truly is worth saving and what is simply old and cheap construction. (After all, we are attempting to live up to our goals as a “green,” environmentally friendly city.) May good citizens and property owners apply for membership to the task force; may the council select qualified people and entertain the idea of “new blood” for the positions.

Again, my congratulations and thanks to all those who gave hundreds of hours to this cause.

Penney Evans Carruth

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