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A happy ending

Dear Editor:

This is to express my heartfelt thanks to the management of the new Sam’s Smokehouse at Sam’s Knob, the front desk, concierge and bell staff of the Silvertree Hotel, and a Snowmass Village visitor.

My 12-year-old daughter was skiing at Snowmass on Monday and went in to have a hot chocolate at Sam’s. When she came out, her skis were gone. She and her sister searched and searched to no avail. They told the staff at Sam’s, who took down her information, and she rode the lift down. A few hours later, we received a call from a visitor named Constance, who had accidentally skied down in my daughter’s skis and returned them to her hotel ski-check at the Silvertree. Later the skis turned up at Sam’s, and the staff there got them to her at her hotel. Constance was mortified and apologetic, offering to get the skis to us. I told her this kind of thing happens and not to fret.

The front desk and the concierge then arranged for the bell staff to take her skis and deliver them to our front door! In a year when customer service is said to be king, all the people involved deserve many thanks. If we, who live here, are treated with such care and concern, I feel very hopeful that those who have spent significant amounts of money to visit are going to be very pleased with the service we offer here. Thanks to everyone who helped make our holiday a very happy one!

Carolyne Heldman

Snowmass Village