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A Halloween prank?

Dear Editor:

Su Lum’s column regarding Ordinance 48, “What are we preserving?” printed Oct. 31, must have been some sort of Halloween prank. Was she really trying to con the public into believing we have lots of great historic architecture to preserve, or was she looking for a trick or treat from some far-left, politically active people?

There are a few (very few) 1950s, ’60s and ’70s structures that deserve historic preservation in the city of Aspen. Now, if a small group with a fascist bent is looking to steal value from many homeowners, her position would wave its banner. Classifying questionable, sloppily designed and poorly constructed buildings just 30 years old as potential “untouchables” challenges rational thinking.

I trust Ms. Lum would not mind having the yet untapped historic preservation incentive for her 19th-century home stripped away. It would greatly reduce its resale value. Now, that would be a Halloween treat, wouldn’t it?

If an owner is not in a position to give up his or her home equity, maybe the ordinance can be worded so that Ms. Lum could transfer to those owners any incentives and entitlements she might receive due to her dwelling receiving the historic label. Let’s even give her a plaque for her generosity.

Ron Harris

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