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A half-baked conspiracy theory

Dear Editor:

A recent new voter who joined the ranks of the Aspen electorate in 2011 offers a curious and unpersuasive argument against voting for Steve Skadron, Art Daily and Ann Mullins (“Mick makes his play,” April 16, Letters, Aspen Daily News).

Alleging a dark-chocolate-with-hand-chopped-walnuts conspiracy theory, Kevin Curtin claims that I am using my culinary skills to mesmerize the press and, through it, the public into electing candidates who ultimately will appoint me to a vacant council seat.

The fact is that I started working in the family restaurant at age 7 and worked in food service for two decades, and it would not occur to me to invite people to my home without offering a bit of food. I bake a lot of brownies and give them away at school events, meetings and Christmas readings of “The Polar Express.” I don’t think I have cornered the preschool-crowd vote doing so.

My brownies are not professional Cloud Nine treats, but I do the best I can with limited baking skills. It is a cheap shot to imply that the press or anyone else is going to support me because I can read directions on a Betty Crocker box and add a few things.

Curtin’s name is not familiar to me, but the conspiracy theme is an old one. I don’t think he, as an infrequent voter, understands Aspen politics very well, so I guess I should explain myself to him and other new arrivals/voters pushing dark (chocolate?) conspiracy theories.

I have no intention of seeking a council seat though appointment should there be a vacancy. If I wanted to continue to serve on the council, I would ask the voters’ consent, as I have in 10 previous elections.

Really, Mr. Curtin, bribing public officials and the press with dark-chocolate brownies and hand-chopped walnuts?

Yes, I support Steve, Ann and Art not in denigration of Derek or Torre or anyone else but because they are the best of a good lot. Aspen should count itself lucky that so many talented people are willing to serve and put up with crackpot insinuations that every small courtesy to visitors in their homes amounts to a nefarious conspiracy. I managed to win 10 times without once going negative on the opposition; I recommend that method to you and your candidate or candidates. Give us a better reason than this half-baked Crock(er).

I thank the voters for their support in those 10 elections and hope everyone will find a better recipe for choosing public officials than listening to dark-chocolate conspiracy theorists.

As for you, Mr. Curtin, if you ever want to talk to me face to face, I’ll be at home and have a brownie or two waiting.

Mick Ireland


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