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A guide to parking in downtown Aspen

All on-street parking spaces in the downtown Commercial Core are served by either short-term meters or pay-and-display parking using pay stations or in-car meters. Short-term meters provide parking spaces for people with quick errands. They are located near the corner on selected blocks and cost 25 cents for 15 minutes.All other paid parking spaces are covered by a pay-and-display parking system. This system uses one pay station per block face. The pay stations are located mid-block.

1. After parking, walk to the pay station and insert payment.2. Time can be purchased in half hour increments, with a 50 cent minimum. The maximum time limit is two hours.3. The pay station prints out a receipt showing the amount paid, the date and expiration time. Display the receipt on the driver’s side of the dashboard.

The City’s Transportation & Parking Department operates as a self-supporting enterprise. Revenue received from paid parking pays for the parking and transportation services designed to decrease pollution and reduce congestion — making Aspen more livable for everyone who visits, works or lives here.