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A group hug and high fives

Dear Editor:

Concerning the incident at the Basalt Bistro, is it possible that both perspectives could be correct? The individuals involved were coming from very different places, three straight cops and one either “very visibly intoxicated” or merely “buzzed” bar patron.

The philosophy of “community policing – making themselves visible and accessible by mingling with the public” – may be a noble concept. It’s possible that midnight on a Friday is not the best time to be “mingling with the public,” especially in a bar.

Alternately, mouthing off to a police officer isn’t exactly exemplary public behavior. Why, some people might even call it stupid. Mouthing off to anybody is just rude. If you become an ass when you drink, well, you might think about a change of ways.

Don’t bust the guy, and don’t reprimand the cops. It seems to me that a group hug and high fives all around might be in order. A short apology festival could follow.

But, then again, I wasn’t there so do what you will.

Steven Williams


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