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A great revenue generator

In these difficult financial times we are all seeking answers to the revenue, tax and budget problems with which we are confronted.

Picture this, if you will: You are driving on a major highway in (you select the name of the major metropolitan area) and an individual whisks by you in the diamond (carpool) lane.

A few miles ahead, as you plod along in this web of traffic (moving at the speed of turtle), you smile with approval to see that this scofflaw has been stopped by the highway patrol or local gendarmes, and ticketed for driving alone in the carpool lane. Hooray for our law enforcement officers!

Since I make the drive from Brush Creek to Aspen five days a week, I noticed a rather lengthy parade of single drivers in our diamond lane. In an unscientific study, conducted over a four-week period, the number of single drivers that passed me in that lane was an average of 27 per day. On a recent snow day, that number increased to 42!

Imagine what a wonderful revenue producer for the city of Aspen or Pitkin County the following example could provide.

Let’s do some simple math: If the police ticket 40 percent of these people daily, that’s 11 people receiving a $50 ticket times five days per week, times 48 weeks per year (no ticketing during winter and spring breaks – OK?) and the conservative result IS: A staggering $132,000 per year. The potential (if we average 27 tickets per day) could bring as much as $324,000 per year!

I, for one, have NO PROBLEM sending this message to those who choose to violate the diamond or carpool lane etiquette/protocol for their own selfish interests, while those of us who choose to obey the law mope along in the turtle lane.

Here’s an easy way to help solve Aspen’s perceived traffic problem – and put some invaluable revenue into the city or county coffers. And let’s hope you HOV lane rabbits lose out again to us turtles!

Bennett A. Bramson


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