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A great performance

Dear Editor:

In the eternal scheme of things, nothing can constantly improve upon itself. Sometimes there is a back slipping – a change in the trajectory of success … a necessary part of the eternal scheme. But somehow, the performers and producers of the Aspen Community Theater manage to transcend that natural phenomenon by presenting a fall musical performance each year even better than the one before. How do they do that?

Again and again ACT has wowed the community by combining talent, hard work, passion, and a lot of love … over thousands of hours … to create a gift for us. We thank them – deeply.

This year’s production of “The Music Man” is outrageous in its array of talent and creativity. The set design, the music, the costumes and props, the singing and acting, the children … oh! the children – what a bonanza of delight! We express our thanks to every person involved – on stage and off – who took part in this offering. Is there any other small town in the country that can boast as we can of our community theater? Don’t think so.

If you haven’t yet gotten your tickets … bummer! Please try to grab any available seat and treat yourself to the best entertainment between New York and Los Angeles!

We love you, Ritie … and all of the crew who pour their soul into this labor of love for the community. Thanks, you guys … you rock!

Nancy and Wolf Gensch


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