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A great opportunity

Dear Editor:My wife and I have been property owners here in Snowmass for roughly 25 years and have recently realized our goal of becoming full-time residents. Very soon now, Snowmass will have the opportunity to “renew itself” via the new Base Village. We’re asking all Snowmass voters to vote “yes” and here’s why.First, change is the most natural of all things, and it is the lack thereof which is unnatural. Yes, change brings with it uncertainties and it may be temporarily uncomfortable, but it is also a doorway to the future. Consider the fact that we are now skiing on short, fat skis and loving it.Second, after living in one place for an extended period of time, people generally become accustomed to their surroundings and tend to view them as normal. Unfortunately, paying guests do not look through the same eyes. They expect to be transported to a world other than the one of their day-to-day routine. Look for a moment through their eyes. Do we deliver that exceptional experience? If not, perhaps another resort will.This is our village, but we share it with people who make our special lifestyle possible with their spending money. We who live here, working or retired, are in the resort business and thus are dependent on visitors’ dollars to support the infrastructure of this town (read ski lifts).It’s really their village as well as ours.The importance of approving the current Base Village proposal is several-fold. It will create an overriding character and vision for the village (which we now lack) and will establish a coherent architectural principle on which we can build. It will give a new sense of pride to the community and its businesses and, yes, it will attract many of the resort visitors who today are interested in areas and experiences that are new, exceptional and exciting.We urge you to embrace change and capitalize on this great opportunity. Don’t watch the future pass us by for lack of vision and the courage to change.Please vote “yes” on the new Base Village proposal. Ken and Maureen PetkeSnowmass Village