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A great debate

Call me feisty, but I enjoy a good debate. Of course the vocal minority are the majority – always have been, just look at the government.

I am “hetro” (not gay), reluctantly single and I have some gay friends. None of my gay friends are hairdressers, ballet dancers or have AIDS, as far as I know. (No offense intended to hairdressers or ballet dancers. I don’t want to judge what I don’t fully understand.)

The most recent research on homosexuality is that it is genetic environmental, but the research is not conclusive. At the risk of being labeled a “liberal,” I choose to leave people alone, so long as they are harming no one.

I enjoyed the letters in both papers, even though they criticized my support for Gay Ski Week. I have no shame in saying that I appreciate the huge revenue that Gay Week brings to traders, service providers and the local ski industry alike. I didn’t hear about anyone refusing gay dollars.

I didn’t personally hear about or experience the “butt grabbing” described in one of the letters to the editor, and I’m a massage therapist. However, chances are in any large group of 3,000 or 4,000 people, there’s gonna be a few “crazies.”

In conclusion, I met every type of person during the week. My impression is that Aspen welcomes everybody, including Gay Week, but cautions individuals in groups to take responsibility for their behavior, lest it reflects on other participants.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the debate. I learned a lot.

Richard Harris


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