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A grand failure

(This letter was originally addressed to U.S. Sen. Wayne Allard.)

I fully support your stand against the FCC rules change. Maybe we can get by with five or six airlines, or five or six wireless providers, but we need as many different users of the public airwaves as possible.

Mass media is different from other de-regulated industries, in that the media itself sets the nation’s agenda. If we continue to allow only a handful of mega-corporations to control our television and radio, we will have lost our democracy and the First Amendment will be a grand failure.

Can anyone honestly deny that Fox and Clear Channel are following Joseph Goebbel’s maxim, “Propaganda has only one object – to conquer the masses. Every means that furthers this aim is good; every means that hinders it is bad.”

Television commercials are today’s mass propaganda. The companies that control the media are in the mass propaganda business.

I know. I run a television station. They have little interest in “varied voices” or the “public good.” They are interested instead in “conquering the masses” by providing advertisers with the largest audience share.

The new FCC ruling has furthered their aim; yet another example of the privatization of the commons, our shared public property, my children’s airwaves. Another victory for government-initiated oligarchical control of our society; dare we call it fascism?

To Rupert Murdoch’s credit, he did say HE would let anyone on HIS channels if HE thought their idea would MAKE HIM MONEY.

Please do everything in your power to make our democracy strong. You are the caretaker of this public trust. Do not let a few powerful companies determine what my children want, fear, think and dream.

John Masters