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A good time remembering John

Dear Editor:

I recently came to Aspen to be a part of the 10th anniversary of John Denver’s death. It was sad but, I wouldn’t have missed it for anything.

Being in Aspen is a joy in itself ” the cool downtown, the subdued elegance ” the attention to the environment, a cozy, friendly atmosphere, and it was a plus getting to see the sanctuary where quiet serenity surrounds the boulders encasing John’s songs forever.

The opera house took me back to the early west and was a perfect setting for talented John Denver crusaders to provide an evening of his songs about mountains, life, love and Aspen itself.

A short journey to the Windstar acres gave a glimpse of what Denver had in mind for our environment. A few low-slung buildings, nestled in a valley protected by a bronze statue of John and an eagle, harbored students learning about his beloved mountains and all they should mean to us.

I was disappointed that Annie wasn’t there because any story of John is a story about her. She was to John what he was to music and we are all blessed by the both of them. Thanks, Aspen.

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Phil Kenny

Colorado Springs

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