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A good, clean election

Dear Editor:

I thank the Pitkin County community for the opportunity to run in the recent commissioners race.

It was apparent when shaking hands and meeting voters that there is strong community here. One of the best parts of running was to get to know citizens better. It was reinforced in me that we have an incredible, vibrant, caring community.

I also want to thank my volunteers who worked hard behind the scenes to support my efforts. It is not easy running a campaign and my hat goes off to my supporters. The press worked hard to cover our views and stories with a balanced hand. I thank the press for that. Our debates, interviews, radio, TV and advertisements were positive and provided a balanced election.

A special thank-you to Dwight Shellman III, the elections manager who ran a solid election. This was a huge task as Dwight came into the job and he did a fantastic job. Also, Tammie Driscol, Janice Caudill, Linda Gustaffson and Ryan Keith, thank you. There are many moving parts to run an election and these folks did it with skill and ease. And thank you to the behind-the-scenes folks who prepare the rooms for the debates, film and support the infrastructure to make these public meetings happen.

Lastly, I would also like to thank the candidates who engaged in civil debate and who stepped forward to run. May we all realize the importance of voting and being a participant in our democracy. Your vote counts!

Brian Speck