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A good attorney

I’m writing this in response to the events of Russell Thompson, the one who is being accused of killing Timothy “Chico” Destromp.

Why has there not been an attorney step forward to defend this man? Do truth and justice only prevail with money? It seems people are just waiting to see what will happen to a man charged with murder, who has to defend himself.

I BEG a criminal lawyer to step up and look at Russell’s case to see if the evidence points to his being guilty or his being innocent. Does no one care about the actual truth of what happened? Doesn’t he deserve to receive a fair trial?

I knew Chico and I am saddened that he is dead. I also know that many people could have been responsible for his brutal death. The killer(s), could still be roaming around free! Perhaps right here in the Roaring Fork Valley! Doesn’t anyone care about that?

Why can a perhaps-innocent man be allowed to sit for a year in prison, without proper legal counsel? Russell’s family do not have the money to retain a good lawyer. They did all they could to get him out on bail.

Unfortunately, due to human error, he missed one day of his daily breathalyzer requirements, and was put back in jail. The circumstances were shown to the judge that it was an honest mistake. In this system, though, mercy isn’t extended.

On September 11 we saw many true heroes step forward to help ones in need. They did so out of “love of neighbor,” not out of greed. Their pleasure came from helping others.

Where are the heroes here in Colorado? Surely, in this affluent community there is at least one attorney that would be willing to put aside his fee for the sake of doing what is right.

Let the evidence speak. You could be responsible for saving someone’s life. Not a bad repayment.

Rebecca Matchette