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A goggle day

Allyn Harvey

Snow, snow, snow.

All it did Wednesday was snow.

When we woke up it was snowing. At 5 a.m. yesterday, Snowmass was reporting 5 inches of fresh powder, Ajax 4 inches, Buttermilk 4 inches and Aspen Highlands 3 inches (though it’s likely there was more in the bowl).

At 8:45 a.m., when the gondola began filling up, one of On the Hill’s many correspondents reported there were “8 or 9” inches on the Face of Bell, S-1, International and Gene Reardon’s Run. He said there were “boot-high,” fresh tracks everywhere to be had, and nobody but him and a few other lucky souls to take them.

At 3 p.m., another of On the Hill’s correspondent’s came down and reported that in between some of the big fat moguls, he was going “thigh-deep” in the snow. Although he’s not this column’s tallest source, that’s a considerable improvement over the boot-high depth of early morning.

At 7 p.m., a correspondent-at-large stopped by the Times and reported that two friends had informed him that “it snowed all day and the skiing was wonderful. It was a goggle day.”

The good thing is that locals are getting out and making turns. It’s funny how a good winter, and this has been, by any measure, a good winter, can blanket the criticisms of the Aspen Skiing Co. that seem to fill the air during dry years.

If past winters are anything to go by, plenty more snow should be on the way. February and March often boast the best powder days of any year, and chances are this year will be no exception. The difference between this year and past years is that there will be a fully intact base for all that powder (please, oh please) to land on.

As of yesterday, there was a 63-inch base on top of Highlands, 49 inches on top of Ajax, 43 inches atop the ‘Milk and 63 atop Snowmass. No doubt those numbers will go up today.


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