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A genuine experience

Dear Editor:

I cracked up when I read Elizabeth Milias’ letter to the editor in the Monday paper (Feb. 16). EWWWW ” she talked about dog poopy! I was the person in the room when Nicky spewed his anal sacs and neither Debbie (from Tailwaggers) nor I were quite so offended by it. It was a real genuine experience, and I think people read Su’s column because they are looking for exactly that. I love Su because she is so real, lives an original life and is so straightforward.

Of course, when I read the paper I was offended too: “Labor woes come to the forefront,” “Trimming the city’s fat” (did they really say FAT?), “Australian Wildfires slowly being beaten” (people died there, gross). The Avs beating the Reds in a shootout was a pretty cool story, though.

Now I wonder if Lizzy was really that put out while sipping a mochachino and why she didn’t just put the paper aside if she was so darn aggravated? When I read letters to the editor and see they are from Emzy Veazy or Toni Kronberg, I just skip them. If Roger Marolt gets bogged down in one of his rants in his third paragraph, I move on. As for me, I read every word of Su’s columns and can’t wait to read the next one. Thanks for the great work and the awesome friendship.

Hilary Burgess

Woody Creek

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