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A gate is a bad idea

Dear Editor:In response to William Nobauer’s letter (Letters to the Editor, Dec. 14), I find it difficult to take suggestions from a person who lives in Aspen and does NOT have to deal with the morning traffic B.S. He suggests a tax break for those who ride public transportation, and those who “must commute in their cars should pay a daily fee at a gated entrance unless they are a necessary transport service.” Do you mean a private transport service should get a tax break or bonus incentive for operating a “necessary transport service”? You must be a G.W. supporter. Tax breaks for private enterprises like Halliburton – eah!William, have you ever ridden the RFTA from Bonedale to Asspen? It takes twice as long almost then driving. Have you ever tried to ride the RFTA with a truck load of tile tools so that you can work on an oversized $5 million mansion that is only occupied two months of a year and takes up 7,000 square feet of your precious land?And you suggest a gated entrance to Asspen. You think a bottleneck from four to two lanes causes a backup! What do you think a gated entrance will do?No where in your letter do you mention a train or lightrail system. That is the only reasonable solution to the carbon footprint that we humans are causing. The bus is nice when I am drunk and do not want to risk a DUI or kill someone trying to drive drunk – which I do not do! RFTA is a joke when transporting tools for my trade so that I can make money to pay my downvalley trash mortgage; since I can no longer afford even the “affordable” housing up in your neck of the woods. Not to mention affordable housing is only a 3 percent gain on investment. I might as well buy Enron stock!Pull your head out of your Asspen and come on down to Bonedale some morning, and let’s ride the RFTA together, if they even let me on it with my tile saw, mix buckets, trowels, hole hawg and other tools! And the Rails to Trails that so many people are blinded by … the idea of a trail the length of the valley. Good idea for summer fun, but show me one person that is commuting on that trail in sub-zero temperatures with a foot of fresh snow for any distance longer the 200 yards. Oh, I forgot, a good chunk of that trail is closed from Catherine’s Store to El Jebel for wildlife migration. Sweet trail! The wildlife never seemed to be bothered by the train when it ran valleywide back in the day. Or was the price of the metal ore so profitable that the mine owners over looked wildlife for profit?John NormanCarbondale

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