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A four-lane clot

Dear Editor:

First, I would like to use the bus more often, but between my wife and I, we make too much to get into affordable rent and too little to buy anything in Aspen, let alone participate in a lottery. I’ve never won anything, not even a pie in the school fair!

So, we have to commute, we both work in the Aspen area, and our kids attend Aspen schools. We get in the car every morning between 7:05 and 7:10, and into traffic that moves steady until we get to the airport.

There, something from a Fourth World country happens in plain sight and while the police drink coffee and eat donuts; it’s early in the morning, remember?

What was a normal two-lane highway, with an HOV lane that doesn’t do much, suddenly becomes a four-lane clot; the cars on the left laughing at the HOV lane, the HOV lane ” stuck, the BUS lane ” empty most of the time, and the fourth lane, from the airport. I have to tell you , I’m amazed at how many wealthy people commute by plane these days, and then get into regular cars and clog what then becomes a single lane passing Buttermilk.

To all the geniuses at all levels of involvement with this issue, that’s just great! You solved it! Or did you?

Juan Lagarringue


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