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A force of evil

Dear Editor:

1) Hamas has declared war on Israel, and its deeds have matched its words, with more than 10,000 rocket attacks, sniper fire, RPG attacks, kidnappings, suicide bomber attacks, and an endless relentless diatribe of genocide and annihilation.

2) Hamas has fired upon Palestinian and Israeli personnel at crossing points even as Israel attempts to transfer food and medicines and other humanitarian aid to the beleaguered Arabs of the Gaza Strip through those same crossing points.

3) Hamas has confiscated international aid money and food and supplies, and has utilized them for the expansion of its military and terrorist capacities, even at the expense of its own people.

4) Hamas has fired barrages of qassam rockets and longer range katyusha rockets and mortars on nearby Israeli towns, killing and wounding residents, even as Israel makes peace offers and continues to supply the population of Gaza with food and water and electricity.

5) Israel closed the borders with the Gaza Strip only after Hamas began its attacks. Absent those attacks, the Gaza Strip could have open borders with Israel, open access to international waters, and a functioning airport.

6) Israel’s 2005-06 military operation against Gaza was prompted by Hamas’ interminable attacks, more than 10,000 qassams, and its stockpiling of more powerful weapons for future attacks. How many rockets in to San Diego from Tijuana would our government permit? Israel permitted 10,000!

7) Israel has not only supplied the Arabs of the Gaza Strip with medical supplies, but has admitted scores of injured and ill Arabs, including some who are known terrorists, to be treated at Israeli hospitals, even as Hamas continues its terror war against Israeli civilians.

8) Israel supplies 70 percent of Gaza’s electricity needs, even though Hamas has targeted the electrical power plant in Ashqelon, the power plant that supplies the electricity to the Gaza Strip, with dozens of qassam rocket attacks.

9) Egypt is building a huge solid steel wall across the entire length of its border with the Gaza Strip in order to hermetically seal that border, with no humanitarian aid of any sort offered from Egypt to the beleaguered Gazan Arabs. So Israel is treating the Gaza Arabs far better than Egypt is, and Hamas is not bombarding Egypt.

10) The Arabs of the Gaza Strip are beleaguered only because Hamas beleaguers them, and beleaguers Israel as well. Absent Hamas’ incessant genocidal rhetoric and terrorist attacks, life in the Gaza Strip would be very much as it was under Israel’s sovereignty from 1967-1994 … almost full employment, tourism, freedom of movement, and an expanding economy.

11) Human Rights Watch (HRW: no friend of Israel) has verified that Hamas has violated numerous international laws by targeting Israeli civilians with its rocket attacks and suicide bomber attacks and sniper attacks and road-side bomb attacks, and by using its own people as human shields. Hamas oppresses its own, exploits is own, violates its own, and then blames the humanitarian mess on Israel. Moreover, Hamas and Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad and numerous other Arab terrorist groups are in violation of the 1950 United Nations Conference on Genocide, in which incitement to genocide is deemed a violation of international law. All too many of us are strangely silent as Hamas violates international law, and at the same time launches endless accusations of such violations against Israel.

12) Almost every one of the demands listed in the letter, if implemented, would facilitate Hamas’ terrorist activities, expansion of its terrorist arsenal, infiltration of suicide bombers in to Israel, and oppression of its own people. See my comments beneath each of those demands.

Hamas is a virulent genocidal terrorist force … a force of evil. It is allied with Hezbollah and Iran and al Qaeda. It’s end game is far more than the destruction if Israel. It has openly and unabashedly joined forces with the Muslim terrorist jihadist leaders who seek, as the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khoumeini put it back in February of 1979, to “finish the job that Muhammed started … (and) … make Islam supreme in the world.”

Israel’s enemies are our own country’s enemies.

Remember Golda Meir’s suggestion for peace: “We will have peace when the Arabs love their children more then they hate us”

Larry Rosenfield


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