A fickle mistress

Dear Editor:The recent publicity about the Hotel Jerome inspired me to find the poem that I wrote after my husband, Jim Jenkins, had completed five years of his life to the renovation of the Hotel Jerome in 1985. Jim was the owner’s representative and worked with Dick Butera on the renovation of the hotel. The greatest care and consideration was given to every aspect of their work. Many of the changes were made to update the hotel but they always kept the historic quality and the intrinsic beauty of the hotel in mind. I hope this poem will give everyone a little chuckle.”Finis”My husband has a mistress.It’s the Historic Hotel Jerome.Now that she’s completedHe will have to come back home.He has loved her, adored her.She has been his heart’s desire.But now he says it’s overAnd he is going to retire.I know he really means itWhen he says that he is throughBut I know before the month is outHe will have something else to do.So here’s to my husband’s mistressThe Historic Hotel Jerome.May the love affair be overFor I am tired of being alone.Jane J. JenkinsAspen


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