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Opinion: A few thoughts from the “fake news media”

Erica Robbie
The Aspen Times

Whatever you think of our president, no one can dispute his dangerous denouncement of “fake news” that has evolved into a full-blown war against the American media.

Since the leader of the free world coined this term, I have been able to look beyond its absurdities, roll my eyes, and, admittedly, succumb to the humor of the situation, knowing all the while how threatening the notion of “fake news” is to our democracy.

However, coupled with shrinking newsrooms, buyouts (look no further than our state’s flagship newspaper), and a distrust in media that is reportedly higher than ever, I am no longer conceding to the humor (no matter how ludicrous), and I challenge you, readers of this publication, to do the same.

While you need not believe nor agree with everything you read in print or online, a fundamental difference exists between an error, inconsistency or difference of opinion and deeming a story or medium altogether as “fake news.”

Don’t do it for us, The Aspen Times — do it for “we the people” and the state of our democracy.

The president claims the media is “the enemy of the American people.”

By definition, the press serves as a watchdog on government and the First Amendment protects that freedom.

Who, then, is the enemy here?

Sure, the era of social media, technology and information overload can blur what’s news and what’s not, but it is not rocket science.

So, a few refreshers:

If you believe that you should not have to pay for your news, please do not cry “fake news.”

If you oppose supporting and subscribing to credible, legitimate news sources, please do not cry “fake news.”

If you consume your news from obscure sites, Facebook or other social media, please do not cry “fake news.”

If you receive your news from one, and only one, source, please do not cry “fake news.”

If you simply disagree with this or another article, please do not cry “fake news.”


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