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A few questions

Considering that all four men involved in last Monday’s avalanche in Maroon Bowl apparently knew of the considerable risk they were taking by going into that area, and considering that they didn’t even stop to dig a snow pit to test conditions because they “knew what [they] were going to find,” it raises a few questions.

Was each one of them actually willing to be responsible for possibly – or probably – triggering an avalanche that could very easily kill any or all of them? Did any of them give any thought to the potential risk to rescuers, should any rescue attempt be needed? And did any of them even stop, beforehand, to call their loved ones to say goodbye?

As an aside, congratulations to all four for triggering a slide that apparently took out so many mature trees with it. You may rationalize that you’ve cleared that much more terrain for skiing and boarding, but what you’ve also just done is raise the potential for increasing the size and reach of future avalanches in that area.

Jesse Tasker


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