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A few points … then a timeout

You and pretty much everyone in Aspen knew I’d have to respond to your Aspen Times editorial. Tony Hershey has urged the trolley supporters and everyone to take a week’s cooling off period, and I promise I will.

Your editorial, while correct, takes a simplistic view. The trolley question is like the Entrance to Aspen; the only difference is that it’s only been voted on once. It is similar to the entrance vote this time also because it was similarly a close vote.

The difference, of course, is that, though it may be delayed, the entrance issue can come back any time public attitude changes. Part of the reason for such passion out of the trolley supporters is that when these are gone there is no chance for anything like them ever again.

The trolley supporters are conflicted and coming to this issue somewhat splintered. Some would like to see several trolleys preserved for other community uses while others would like them preserved for some future reconsideration, just as the entrance will be.

What all supporters agree on is that some need to stay for the future whether, as you say, it would be a pleasing amenity or, as we might say, something more.

There is a misconception. Public officials are under the impression that the trolley group would or should be appreciative of council’s concern that they receive a good home where they will be used. The trolleys were bought and given to Aspen for Aspen, and certainly I for one, care only about the trolleys as Aspen trolleys.

I support then, should the city choose to dispose of all the trolleys, that they listen to the local businessmen and women who have offered to purchase the trolleys, remove them from city property, put them in storage and restore them. It accomplishes what the city wishes and it satisfies the trolley supporters.

Give me that week Tony called for to reconsider positions I’ve taken. “Time out,” I promise.

Jon Busch


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