A few musings

Dear Editor:Aspen has been my beloved second home since 1987. I hope it retains its beautiful and unique characters.1). I think it is plain to see that car traffic in little Aspen is already too heavy. The city should find ways to reduce cars coming into Aspen instead of encouraging more. Straight shot into Aspen is solving the WRONG problem.2). I see Aspen as a giant parking lot for incoming traffic. Whether the road into Aspen is straight or curved does not change the inevitable need for cars to slow down to a parking spot.3). Where are all the additional cars going to be parked?4). I strongly support a mass transit solution. It may be expensive in the short run; but in the long run, it will help Aspen remain beautiful and unique.5). On a related note, I strongly urge the city to limit the height of new buildings to no more than three stories, so as not to block the sun or the sight of Aspen Mountain, which is like a giant drive-in movie theater screen for us to enjoy watching skiers down the slopes.Thank you.Tom Kwei Cambridge, Mass