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A few lines for a litterbug

Dear Editor:

To the Bud Light drinker on Missouri Heights:

You turn at Catherine’s and head up on Missouri Heights,

Drinking, guzzling and downing all those Bud Lights.

You toss them out

Without a thought

In numbers that boggles minds.

How can you drink so much and drive?

Will all the living around survive?

Your trash is tiresome and you are a jerk.

I wonder if you are traveling to or from your work.

Don’t let me see you in the act,

’cause, Buster it is a fact,

Quick as a wink, I’ll call the cops

And hope they bust you in your chops.

Ah the beauty of you diminished,

When your court case is totally finished,

To travel on foot or an a bicycle,

At least then you’ll see the need to recycle.

Laura Van Dyne


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